Oracle Solaris Sun pwrite performance investigation

1. Collect explorer

Run explorer in the following manner :

/opt/SUNWexplo/bin/explorer -w default

The explorer data collector may be obtained from :

Download from :

Useful documents on explorer :

Oracle Explorer Data Collector – Product Information Center ( Doc ID 1312847.1 )
Oracle Services Tools Bundle (STB) – Explorer, SNEEP, LWACT, RDA ( Doc ID 1153444.1 )
Oracle Explorer Commands ( Doc ID 1003863.1 )
How to Run Oracle Explorer and Forward the Data to an Oracle Service Engineer ( Doc ID 1018748.1 )
How to Upload Files to Oracle Support ( Doc ID 1547088.2 )
Oracle Diagnostic File Upload ( Doc ID 1547088.2 )
My Oracle Support Help – Attaching Support Files to a Service Request ( Doc ID 1447472.1 )
How to Send a File to Oracle Support Using SFTP ( ( Doc ID 464666.1 )
How to Collect a Live Solaris Kernel Dump ( Doc ID 1004608.1 )

GUDS – A Script for Gathering Solaris Performance Data ( Doc ID 1285485.1 )

2. Collect guds using this options

Collecte GUDS in GLOBAL Zone ONLY

# # ./guds_3_3 -q -X3 -c15 -i30 -n5 -w0 -T -H0 -L10 -r -s -D/var/tmp -d “Change this comment to something useful about the performance at the time this collections was made.”

Make sure ‘guds’ is run during the time that the problem is occurring.

If Oracle DB is part of performance issue, please collect AWR data for SAME time period as GUDS has been collected. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Guds may be obtained from this document : GUDS – A Solaris Performance Data Gathering Script ( Doc ID 1285485.1 )

3. Respond to these questions

Please write up a detailed problem description; including answers
to each of the questions below:

– what is the problem you wish to have Oracle address?

Identify the application, and what specifically is having the problem;
if latency, is this for a batch job, or user interaction, etc. ?

– when did the problem first occur?

– what is this system used for, and when is the problem occurring?

– what data have you collected that characterizes the level of system
performance as a problem?

What is slow?

How much slower is it than expected?

– have there been any changes that might help understand the origin of
the problem?

– what is affected, how long, other applications that may be running at
the time, any hardware or software changes (patches …), tuning,
change in workload, change in storage, any error messages, other
systems affected, ….?

– are there any similar systems that you might expect to have the problem
but do not?

The idea is to give us as complete a picture of the system and problem as
possible from the problem description.

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