Diag and Tuning Pack: disable the beast

11g and 10g changes:

– Baselines:
for m in (select * from dba_hist_baseline where baseline_name != ‘SYSTEM_MOVING_WINDOW’) loop
end loop;
end ;

– Manual Snapshots:
for m in (select * from dba_hist_snapshot where snap_flag0) loop
end loop;
end ;

– awr disable
begin sys.dbms_awr.disable_awr(); end;

– Advisor cleaning: (that rude thing was done for many reasons, licensing beeing one of them – you decide if you need to go to such lengths)

truncate table sys.WRI$_ADV_OBJECTS;
truncate table sys.WRI$_ADV_MESSAGE_GROUPS;
truncate table sys.WRI$_ADV_ACTIONS;
truncate table sys.WRI$_ADV_PARAMETERS;
truncate table sys.WRI$_ADV_RATIONALE;
truncate table sys.WRI$_ADV_RECOMMENDATIONS;
truncate table sys.WRI$_ADV_FINDINGS;
truncate table sys.WRI$_ADV_REC_ACTIONS;
truncate table sys.WRI$_ADV_TASKS;
truncate table sys.wri$_adv_usage ;

– 11g: tuning schedulers disabled. That should be optional as far as licenses are concerned but there are many reasons to get rid of them.

– OEM (Cloud Control, formerly Grid Control, formerly OEM): disable Packs in Grid Control interface, menu on the top-right corner.

Next: mapping between licensed features and dba_feature_usage_statistics is known – see metalink id: Database Options/Management Packs Usage Reporting for Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (Doc ID 1317265.1)

Then one can do this:

1) map features to dba_feature_usage_statistics and sys.wri$_dbu_feature_metadata

2) sys.wri$_dbu_feature_metadata describes how oracle checks for feature usage

3) the feature is disabled based on analysis of sys.wri$_dbu_feature_metadata

4) Mos article “MMON Suspended Due to ORA-12751 “cpu time or run time policy violation” (Doc ID 761298.1)” is used to execute oracle FUS immediately:
alter session set events ‘immediate trace name mmon_test level 6’;

5) repeat from step 2 untill dba_feature_usage_statistics is satisfactory

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