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11g ora-1555 on activated standby after migration from 10g

Switched over or failed over Standby is compromised by ora-1555. Version Migrated from Thousands of standby index pages (blocks) corrupted by “Page 424697 failed with check code 6056” as reported by dbv and the corrupted page count increasing. … Continue reading

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licensing: force collection of dba_feature_usage_statistics — Force FUS collection alter session set events ‘immediate trace name mmon_test level 6’;

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v$rman_status slow 11gR2

SQL> exec dbms_stats.DELETE_TABLE_STATS(‘SYS’,’X$KCCRSR’) SQL> select p, NULL, NULL from (select count(*) p from v$rman_status where operation = ‘BACKUP COPYROLLFORWARD’);

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