OMON – a browser based tool to browse AWR/PERFSTAT

Omon is a tool to output in graphical form AWR/PERFSTAT data.

All it needs is a running Oracle HTTP server in any form (as long as it supports mod_plsql) and 10g database to hold OMON PL/SQL stored procedures and few tables.

Installation zip file is under Google docs:

( it wasn’t tested on RAC. I think it will aggregate statistics over all instances… )

TOP Events graph screenshot

TOP Events screenshot

Events graph screenshot:

OMON events screenshot

Statistics screenshot:

Statistics screenshot

Add database page:

Add database page screenshot


Peek search module. Peek search module searches all statistics for peeks in a given interval:

Statistics peek search page

In the plans:

* drill-down possibility in graph pages. For example, pressing on “db block reads” graph column will open SQL statements ordered by db block reads.

* Collecting additional data to that of Perfstat/AWR. For example, 10g does not snapshot v$events_histogram. Snapshots of particular session level statistics like IO.  Snapshots of v$plan_statistics.  OMON repository was in the first versions of OMON but for popular use the repository must be “reimagined”.

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3 Responses to OMON – a browser based tool to browse AWR/PERFSTAT

  1. Orri says:

    Who doesn’t love OMON, we’ve been betatesting it for years now 😉

    Perhaps it’s time to setup this new version !

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