Bug series: intro. statistics_level ALL, db_cache_advice and crash

This is the first post on daily bugs encountered by me. Got to keep track of them. I believe I’ve ran into this bug years before and now it happened again.

And the bug is:

Databases affected: at least,

set statistics_level=all ,

then db cache advisor is turned on behind the scenes,

then database crashes (after restart in my case) with core dump ORA-7445 [kcbsacc].

Oracle bug and metalink article is:
“Bug 9903826 – ORA-7445 [kcbsacc] and PMON crashing with ORA-7445 [kcbsslc] Causing Instance to Terminate [ID 9903826.8]”

Solution is:
set db_cache_advice = off

Principles violated (by me as DBA of course):

– keep it simple principle. If features can be turned off – turn them off. Start db in “safe mode” (windows talk)

– memory fails, read the (bleeped) manual principle: Oracle has got “aggregated parameters”: turn one ON and then you need to turn a few of them OFF to keep the system clean.

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